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Pickard At The White House

First Lady Michelle Obama on April 23, 2015, introduced the new "Kailua Blue" Obama state china from Pickard. Here are a few links with pictures of her choices of design and color.

The White House Blog

The New York Times

Home Furnishings News

Thanks, Jan Simek, for the heads up!

New Kenosha Exhibit!

7 Apr 2016 -- A new Pickard exhibit at Kenosha, Wisconsin, running April 10 - May 22. More to follow.


Julius Brauer Tribute

22 Nov 2014 -- Member Tim Ingram's new website shows the life and works of Julius H. Brauer, onetime Pickard artist. Click "Related Links" menu item above.


Gallery Search

05 Feb 2014--We're getting our highest web page activity from the Gallery Search capability. Powerful, versatile, a useful adjunct to the Site search. Try it!

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Now available through the Gallery page too!

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