Collector's Enyclopedia of Pickard China — In 1995 Alan Reed published his first edition. This valuable resource provides an extensive history of the Pickard Company, its artists and their works, including many full color photos with suggested dollar values. The second edition includes revisions Alan Reed recorded prior to his death, and changes in prices. It's a MUST for every china collector's library.

Pickard China, An American Tradition — Text by Tim Ingram and Harry Poulos, photographs and design by James Henderson. Published by The Pickard Collectors Club, Ltd., 2009.

A lovely 28-page booklet of highest quality printing and photography, for the exhibit at Lake County Discovery Museum, Wauconda, Illinois, May 2009. Price: $5.00.
American Painted Porcelain: Collector's Identification & Value Guide — by Dorothy Kamm. A good introduction in text and ample photographs to the china painting movement in the U. S. during the early 1900s.
The Story of Pickard China — by Dorothy Pickard Platt. In 1970 Dorothy Pickard Platt, Wilder Pickard's daughter, published the first book devoted to the history and celebration of pickard hand-painted china. This seminal work chronicles the company, its production, and its artists from 1893 to 1970. Lucky is the collector who finds a copy of this out-of-print jewel.
Bohemian Decorated Porcelain — by Dr. James Henderson. The development of porcelain production in the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) region of western Bohemia. Describes the exporting of porcelain to the United States and the American decoration of imported whiteware. Pickard purchased Bohemian/Austrian whiteware blanks through local Chicago china importers for decoration in his studio. More than 600 color photographs.
Royal Austrian Porcelain — by Dr. James Henderson. Describes the development of porcelain production in the Gutherz factory of Bohemia/Austria. Numerous American hand-decorated whiteware pieces, including some decorated by Pickard Studios. The extensive shapes of dinnerware, cups and saucers and hollowware handles are shown for the first time. Over 1000 color photographs and illustrations.